Sunday, May 6, 2012

Building Your Business

It is amazing how much money I have dropped on "building my business" in just a matter of days. I have been upgrading and adding to my kit for makeup artistry and it is burning a giant gaping hole through my pocket. But it is all worth it. My tools have been lacking until now, time to take things more seriously. The more requests I get/gigs coming my way I realize..I need to step it up. I have to utilize that license of mine.

So I have been glued to my computer at night looking for what I want and or need.

I have to admit I am somewhat addicted to online shopping. It's dangerously easy to purchase what I need online, the bargains..the convenience.

A click of a button ..and BOOM. $$$$$$ CHA-ching..bought and shipped to you.

 And the thrill of finally receiving the package you have been waiting for is great. The only thing that saves me from being a shopaholic is the fact that I don't shop on impulse. I will sit on an item for days before I take the plunge to buy online.

In the situation I am in right now, I need to buy a lot. But when 1 makeup brush can cost ya $30-45 then it's only normal to hesitate a bit before buying. I am a huge bargain hunter, getting the best deal is important and I always buy what is practical and splurge only on occasion. But in this industry..going for the deepest discount can sometimes backfire on you.

quality > quantity

In the end I know all of the money will be worth it. Nothing good comes easy that's for sure!!

Time to drop some cash and paint some faces!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not the best day for this gal

I haven't blogged in quite some time. Unfortunately I am not in the best of spirits today. My mood is hard to describe. Sad-disappointed-regret-confusion-betrayed-empty-but compassionate. It's a weird day for me today. I'm such a talker and when I do blog..although it hasn't been posts show that I am a chatterbox. Today I am not. The sun is shining and my mood is not improving. I know tomorrow is another day , and hopefully that is a better one.

I have so much on my mind but a few questions stand out to me.

Why is lying so easy for some people, almost second nature?

Why me? I think I am a great person...Why me?

Can people change?

Is love enough and does it really conquer all?

I have a big heart, and when I love...I love big.

I guess ......Only time will tell.