Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here's to you Mrs. Robinson......hey hey hey

For some reason today I am full of energy.. oh wait excuse me. Productive Energy.

I am capitalizing it because lately it is very rare I am like this. I woke up at 8am ready to work. (and super cheery I might add) I started cleaning, got all of my hair cutting/coloring tools together. I turned on the tv in the kitchen, ground coffee beans (the annoying sound was blissful music to my ears for some strange reason) and made some coffee. Not even pissed off that all I had to eat for breakfast was a stale chocolate hazelnut biscotti. A client of mine came over at 9:00am for a cut and color and I got done in very fast timing- doing a very good job. Made some $$$ and then cleaned some more. Cut my boyfriend's brother's hair then proceeded to do the monstrous amount of dishes( that I did not make dirty) while humming  Love Lost by The Temper Trap. (which I will be posting on here after this, maybe it will get it out of my head) All of this before 12. Shit normally when I have do the dishes made dirty by 3-6 men(none by me) all I can do is visualize punching them in the head for every dish they leave crusted over with food. I'm proud of myself today. GO ME.

Seems like a normal morning... not quite for me. Lately I have been extremely tired, cranky, stressed or depressed. Everything is a chore and bothersome and If I have to work at 3pm..I'm usually being unproductive, sitting on the couch until 12 or 1. I don't want to be like this, I prefer today's mood. But lately I have been in a horrible "funk". Maybe this is a sign that things will be ok.

One thing that shocks me ..a little bit. I was extremely entertained watching Justin Bieber on The View today. What?! Bieber? I can't stand that little douche!  Nope not anymore. Maybe it was this weird mood I am in today but I was a little smitten by this charming young man on there. He was so adorable. I don't think I have the "bieber fever" and I am pretty sure I won't be humming any of his songs while I do the dishes any time soon.

However I can't help but hear Simon & Garfunkel's Mrs. Robinson play in my head. He may be growing on me. I don't want to puke when I see him on tv anymore. So thats a plus.. One more Semi-fan for him. 

Wishing I didn't have to waste this mood on work tonight. Hoping this day will stay on this "positive productive path". Say that 10 times fast. 

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